Syntax error in connecting the atlas

I dont know what goes wrong. In Chapter 0: Introduction and Aggregation Concepts

Atlas Requirement, I copy the link correctly and paste in Mongodbshell, but I fail to connect

Also I don’t know how to connect the link in Chapter 1: Basic Aggregation - $match and $project

Lab - $match, is this done by copy the link again and paste in mongodb shell? but I have syntax error again. Also for the zip folder containing the two js document, do I just download it and no need to do anything ? Sorry that I am a very new beginner in database or programming…

You are already at mongo prompt (Enterprise>)

Please exit and run the command at os prompt (# or $ as per your os)
You must have run just mongo which connects you to default mongod

sorry i am not quite understand, how to exit and run the command? may u share a video or screen capture? Sorry that I am total new beginner on mongodbshell. I have used mongodb compass before, but i cannot paste the link in my mongodb compass.

Just type exit or quit at the prompt Enterprise>

You will get your os prompt
Then run your connect string

not sure if my understanding is correct
i type exit, and the mongodb shell window is closed
then i reopen it and copy the link to run my connect string

it seems there is still a syntax error

You are in bin directory and you are clicking mongo.exe
That is not the way to start mongo session
You should be able to run mongo command from any directory if you have updated your PATH variable
Start a new Windows cmd window
By default you will at your home dir
Something like below

Now paste your connect string and hit enter

Thanks so much for your patience in teaching me.
i am not sure if I understand correctly.
Do you mean I can connect to the string by open any window and type like below:

what is your_id ? do you mean my id in using mongodb compass? how do i know if i have updated my PATH variable? how to update my PATH variable?

I said command prompt window not explorer windo
If you are using Windows os you should know how to start cmd prompt
From type here to search box type cmd and hit enter
your_id means your system id i,e waiyi
Search our forum on how to update path or google search
Please see snapshot on how i am connected