Syncing Realm Mobile Database with InfluxDb


I’d like to potentially use Realm mobile on iOS to gather some time series data. I am interested in syncing with a time series database on the backend such as InfluxDB using the TICK stack. I am not that interested in in ROS as I don’t need to sync my data across multiple devices (this is primarily a data acquisition system for machine learning purposes). Is it possible to create a background sync service for Realm mobile database that syncs to my own backend database such as Influx rather than the realm object server. Alternatively, can I sync the realm object server to InfluxDB (for example)?

Any thoughts or examples would be greatly appreciated.


We are working on a Sync service for connecting MongoDB Realm to MongoDB Atlas, Realm Sync. Getting Realm to sync with other database vendors is not currently on the Roadmap.

@Jon_Lederman The Realm Mobile SDKs will sync directly with a MongoDB Atlas cluster. Once the data is there you are welcome to shuttle it to another datastore, such as InfluxDB. We have other user’s who use a Kafka connector to shuttle data back and forth between MongoDB and another datastore - perhaps this could work for you