Sync time is taking a lot of time


Here is the case:
User makes a login → Updates the database every 1-2 minutes (4 ints and 6 strings) during one day → Next day, user decides to login from different device → app tries to sync and it takes from 2-20 minutes.

Is there a way to optimize it? From logs, it is clear that it tries to download all the previous ChangeSets. Is there a way to change the Compact algorithm on the server side? Or when a user is trying to login, to take only the last data (without history/changeset) ?


Are you using flexible or partition-based sync? If you were to use flexible sync, you’ll find the that the bootstrapping period (when the device fetches all previous changesets) takes less time.

If the user is performing a write-only workflow and doesn’t need to receive any of the changesets, you could consider using Asymmetric Sync instead.