Sync permission not working as expected


I have explicitly set the Read permission to False.
And I also use a function that returns False.
Dev mode is OFF
I also restarted sync.
Using single partition based sync.

But the object is still being updated and the logs are all successful.
I am using iOS Realm SDK for writing to the Realm.
I will attach some images of my configuration.


I have also returned false for both Read and Write, but the sync still works normally.
I get a print in logs regarding permissions, but the Object is Fetched and Updated normally.
(I have checked the database, the objects are being updated)
I am not sure what’s happening

[Update 2]

Well not it seems that Read is working if I do a clean iOS app install.
It will not fetch the object, so Read permission is denied.

BUT, if R & W is allowed, I fetch the object, then I Write access is denied. (R=True. Write=False)
The user can still update the object even if Write is false.

Well it looks like Sync does not call the permission script that often.
So, there was a bit of delay (about 6hours) before the permissions were revalidated.
So in the end, it worked.

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