Sync partitions even when the partition key does not match for some of the local documents

Hey all!

We are using react-native and realm for an offline first app. Users of the app are divided into teams, and each user needs to be able to register people and assign them to any team.

The partition strategy we are using is the mixed one with a field _partition: "teamId=83209jd0msndsa".

When users of the app register people on behalf of another team (and thus the partition key for those documents is different). I get a bad changeset error:

ending session with error: UPDATE instruction had incorrect partition value for key "_partition" { expectedPartition: teamId=61e43ec2f0abd6970539, foundPartition: groupId=61e6a78537ec71ef392387730 (ProtocolErrorCode=212).

Once this error is thrown, not even the existing correct data gets synced and thus one bad partition key prevents any kind of data sync.


  1. Any thoughts/suggestions on a path forward?
  2. Is there a way to at least sync only the documents with the right partitionKey?

Any thoughts or suggestions are highly appreciated! Thanks All.