Sync is stopping

Please, Can someone explain to me why I get two partition value when writing in realm?? One is expected and another is found. That stop syncing.

Hi @Ody ,

Unfortunately, your question isn’t clear enough to give us clues for an answer, can you try to be more specific about what you’re experiencing? If the issue you’re affected by is strictly related to your setup, the Community Forum may not be the best place to ask for help either, as we may need pieces of information you don’t want to have public: if you have a Support Contract, I’d suggest to open a case for us to give proper help.

Hello. Thanks for your prompt reply.

I’ve got this BadChangeset Error:

’ ending session with error: UPDATE instruction had incorrect partition value for key “userId” {expectedPartition: 61a63dd20… , foundPartition: 61a640fc81… (ProtocolErrorCode=212) '.

When I look on the write Summary, it’s the last one which is inserted.

How can solve the problem?


Hi @Ody

It looks like there’s indeed an error in the way you’re handling partition values: the error clearly states that you’ve declared a partition value when opening the realm, but try to update a record with a different value, that of course can’t work, as objects must live inside the partition they were created in. It’s difficult, without having a look at your code and/or your Atlas project, to point out exactly where the error is, though: again, if you have a Support Contract, we may follow you better with a case, if you don’t, then I suggest you go again through the docs and the tutorials to understand the meaning and typical usage of partitions.

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