Swiftui how to select a ObeservedRealmObject from the ObeservedResults and mutate it

My swiftui view has a
@ObservedResults(WordRecordRealm.self) var records
I want to find a record that has a certain ID and change its other parameters.
Like the code below:
$records.filter{$0.id == recordID}.first.parameter.toggle()
but seems realm doesn’t have this method, so how can I do it in a swiftui way without using the realm write{}

The question is a little unclear

Do you want to get a record from records or do you want to just get a record? The solution is similar either way but it depends on the use case.

Realm objects can be directly read via their id, or a heavy handed option is to query for the object that you want. You can also upsert an object which will modify an objects properties without even reading the object at all (as long as you know the id)

Take a look at Write Data to start with as that will enable objects to be modified “without a write”.

Then take a look at Add or Remove Objects in an ObservedResults Collection which will enable objects to be added without a write.

That should probably get you going but if you’re interested, an Upsert is also available to modify an object just by it’s objectId.