SwiftLint Error on large_tuple

I have just started using SwiftLint - I’m using XCode and used it’s built in Refactor tool to extract a method.
It created this signature:

fileprivate func playerRowView(atBats: [Player]) -> ForEach<[Player], String, TupleView<(Spacer, Text, Text, Text, Text)>> {

and then SwiftLint flags that as an ERROR. And of course now my App does not build and run. That’s not what I expect from a Refactor operation. So going a bit deeper… it’s the SwiftLint intrepretation of a TupleView that causes the Error. Which is not truely an error.

I know I can disable the rule for this function. But seems rash to call something an error that the tool itself just created and is valid code in Swift.

How would you recommend I deal with this different interpation of the “rules”?