Support for Mac Studio M1 Max chip

I just upgraded my developer machine to a Mac Studio, with the M1 Max chip.

I seem to get zsh: bad CPU type in executable: mongod when I try to install the MongoDB developer tools with brew.

Is the M1 Max supported - or can I somehow get MongoDB community working on my new machine?

Search the forums for M1 questions, this stuff has been extensively discussed. Short answer: you may need to install Rosetta.

I would only post my question if I was in doubt - of course, I did search the forums.

  1. The official mongodb documentation on installing mentions M1 Max 0 times, and does not even mention rosetta.
  2. I don’t understand completely what Rosetta is, or why I even need it. I just wan’t a mongodb instance running locally.
  3. I don’t find anything when searching for M1 Max on this forum → and I have no idea if the M1 Max and M1 are “identical” in terms of this matter.

Finally, the only thing I missed was installing rosetta and restart the computer.

Install rosetta with softwareupdate --install-rosetta in the terminal, and restart the computer after following the steps described here.



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