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i have completed mongo basics , can i now jump into M220P without any difficulty , or should i take any more courses .

What’s the order of the courses in the Developer path?

That depends on your profile and learning path. If you want to learn mongodb or your main goal is certification, then you must need to M103 and M121/M201 before jumping to M220.

But if you are already familiar with MongoDB concepts and just want to learn CRUD operations, then you can start M220.


certification ? i got one for mongo basics and i m good at the CRUD operations . so if i complete M220 without completing the aggregartion course and all will i get the certificate and do i need to know the contents of the left courses as preriquesities. and what will be your advice ?

Certification and course completion confirmation are different things
What you got for mongodb basics course is a course completion confirmation
Suggested path from Kanika is about mongodb certification
For learning you can register for any course and you will get course completion confirmation
Yes you can take M220 if you are comfortable
It is better to follow the path suggested by course instructors or your peers from developer line
You can visit mongo university courses to know contents of each course

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To complement what everyone else have said…

M220P is not just about CRUD, is much more than that. The courses are in a specific order for a reason so I’d suggest doing each course in that specific order; in your case it’s highly recommended to do numbers #2 and #3 i.e. M103 and M121, before you do M220.

For the actual Developer certification, in addition to the study guide @kanikasingla mentioned, suggest taking M042 since the exam is based on version 4.2; see this post. M320 is not compulsory.