Suggesting alternate grep syntax

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I noticed the lecture notes for 3.1: The mongod, Lecture: Logging Basics ( here:

include an instruction to search through a log file using grep. The syntax used makes use of the -R flag, which continues the search recursively through a nested directory structure, but the log file here (and in general usage) is just a single file. I’m guessing the instructions meant to use the -i flag instead, which allows search patterns to be case-insensitive, which would be useful here, as the “update” text may well contain capital letters in the logfile. The two flags are often used together in the real world, so this seems like a simple typo.

So, tl;dr, I recommend changing:

grep -R 'update' /data/db/mongod.log


grep -i 'update' /data/db/mongod.log


Hi @Andrew_45387,

Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback. I am glad that you have found the content useful and enjoying it. If you ever get stuck in any topic, please feel free to ask your questions here in the discussion forum.

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