Subscription GraphQL not updating anymore after some inactive minutes


I try to explain my problem, i have to say there aren’t really helpful error or logs that I can poste here. I just try to describe the problem and hope that someone has it too :slight_smile:

I have a graphql-client with a realm cloud synch. It works perfectly with real time sync. But if I left my browser some minutes without doing something the subscription do not updating anymore. As I said there aren’t any error logs. Just some /auth request to the realm cloud.

Have someone an idea?

kind regards

Hi Rouuuge,

It looks like a possible Auth timeout. Can you check to see if you have a valid auth token or the subscription will not update? Perhaps, to get more direct support, open a support ticket for this issue? Then one of our support team can help you directly.


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thanks for your answer. I currently rebuild my app to just using the full-synch realms. And if the problem still exists I will open a ticket with a small demo app.

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