Submission of m121 Lab: Unwind

Stupid question, no doubt.
I have the lab completed but am not sure what to submit. I do indeed see the instruction…
{ “_id”: “First Last”, “numFilms”: 1, “average”: 1.1 }

But I guess I’m having one of those days. And can’t decide if only the first entry in my result set? All entries? Something else? Any help appreciated.

In case anyone missed this, one of the staff posted a means to validate your answer…
Sure!, the 10th result should be:
{ “_id” : “Donald Sutherland”, “numFilms” : 61, “average” : 6.3 }

Hope that helps someone.


There will only be one entry that satisfies the conditions as given " What is the name, number of movies, and average rating (truncated to one decimal) for the cast member that has been in the most number of movies with English as an available language?" (emphasis added :grin: ). The intention here is that you would use a $sort and a $limit in your pipeline to get just the first item in your result set, which should be the desired result. Good luck,

Thanks for that. Especially on a Sunday.

On a side note David, I was wondering if we will continue to have access to the course materials after the course is over. I am planning to take the whole gauntlet of courses and eventually my developers’ certification course? Should I depend on continued access or should I download them?

Thanks for everything.



Yes. Once you complete the course – assuming you don’t Unregister – the completed course will show up on your My Courses dashboard display under the tab “Past Courses” for as long as the course is taught in MongoDB University (which is usually a long time :wink:).

Thanks, good to know. I just summed up labs, 50/50 :slight_smile: I am enjoying the course and plan to rewatch the lectures and take better notes.

Mind you I can’t say it hasn’t been taking me a lot of time to get these labs to work. Syntactically, I’ve struggled, that and trouble grasping operators are not always the same depending on the context. Again, thanks for your help, David.