Student Feedback -- Ticket: Text and Subfield search

After completing this lab assignment, I wanted to offer some feedback on the directions. I think this could be worded better:

genres: finds all movies that match the search genres

I spent a good amount of time wondering why searching for a match to ALL genres did not return a pass for the test. Within the actual .js file I finally noticed that the query read “Find and returns movies matching one or more genres”. I suggestion is that you change the instructions to read that as well so that we know that we should be writing a query that is searching one of the provided genres instead of all of the provided genres.

Just something that I think will help with understanding the instructions :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the suggestion @Scott_G_Herold_80861. I will make sure to improve the instructions.


I have updated the instructions. :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for sharing the feedback.


I agree! Only after reading your feedback I easily passed the test. The wording makes it more difficult than it actually is. Cost me a lap point too! Phhh!

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@Karl-Edward_23518 I hope the current updated instructions are understandable.