Stuck on Lab: Deploy a Replica Set

After making changes in the file how are we supposed to start any one process. a detailed explanation will be appreciated (i will delete the chat after so it won’t act as a spoiler to others.)

Once your configuration files are complete, start a mongod process using one of them.

Really Steve? :joy:
i am asking about the command. which command do i use after editing the files.

Yes, really. You should know the command by now. If not, I recommend to go back at Chapter 1: The mongod - Lab: Configuration File.

well thanks for your non helping angry teacher reply. didn’t help at all. Voila
P.S I know those commands but i keep running into errors. i was here to only learn.

Post a screenshot of the errors your are getting.

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Hi @Fareeha_Shaheen,

Please share the commands that you are running and the error message that you are getting so that we can figure out the exact issue.

~ Shubham