Stuck on Installing the mongo Shell for macOS / OS X

I’m trying to follow the OSX instructions in the video, but can’t find anything suitable to download. The video says to download the Enterprise Server, and be sure to install the latest version that supports SSL, because that is required. However, the only Mac version I can find in the download center is one that says macOS 64-bit, without SSL.

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Same here.
There is this link to install the Enterprise version 4.0.3 ( but the reference to the download is the same as the one Herb_22309 mentioned, so no SSL support.

Hello Herb.
I’ve installed the mac version 4.0.3 without the SSL and followed the next lesson and I managed to connect to the mongo cluster without issues.

After completing “Chapter 2: The MongoDB Query Language + Atlas” I found this instruction to " Connect with the Mongo Shell"

So I run brew install mongodb --with-openssl, which addressed the PATH to mongo bin folder.

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@Herb_22309 On an older IMac here, I ended up downloading 4.1.4 (Development Release) Enterprise as I saw the same “No SSL Support” for the latest version, seems to work fine for the exercise.


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I was worried about bugs from the development status. Did you complete the course without bugs? Let me know about security and I’ll download that one. In the previous versions in the tutorial video SSL was supported and in the later versions it isn’t so I was hesitant to trust the development status.

Hey @George_06845 Yep, completed all the lessons in M001 with that particular version. For the first M001 class (at least when I took it) you only need the MongoShell from the install. the databases you connect to are hosted at MongoDB so you never need to start a mongo daemon.

That said later I did find a later version on a side-page without the No SSL support tag (non dev version). So if you’re concerned you could always pursue that route.

I was successful at updating the path to the Mongo DB bin, when I copy and pasted the command to serve up the clusters I get
[js] SyntaxError: missing ; before statement @(shell):1:6

This is what I copy and pasted:

mongo "mongodb://,," --authenticationDatabase admin --ssl --username m001-student --password m001-mongodb-basics

and I changed test to 100YWeatherSmall

Did I miss a step, thanks!

OK, I got it apologies. I read another post and discovered I was already in the Mongo shell hehe, thanks again :smile:

Hi @Mike_67094, I have experienced a great deal of issues with the installation of MongoDB shell. I wonder if HomeBrew is required. Did you have HomeBrew installed on your Mac?

I have followed every steps in the video while installing the mongo shell for my OS X, but I seems to have an error message at a point.

I don’t know where exactly I got it wrong but I followed this steps.

  1. Downloaded the dmg file from the link in the video, but without the SSL.
  2. Move the file to my home directory.
  3. Created a .bash_profile file, in my file I have the following (First image attached)
  4. Using this code “source ~/.bash_profile”
    to check my directory, then I got this error. ( Second image attached)!![1|548x189]1 2nd%20image

Kindly help.


Hi @oluwatosinjosh,

Kindly refer this post. If you are still unable to set up mongo shell on your system, please write back to us.

Happy Learning :slight_smile:

Shubham Rajan
Curriculum Support Engineer

Chapter 2: The MongoDB Query Language + Atlas

Connecting to Our Class Atlas Cluster from the mongo Shell

The only version for the suggested enterprise server solution for mac OS is the unsupported SSL version: mac OS-64 bit, without SSL support x64 What mac OS version of enterprise server should I download in order to complete the lesson?

Please check this link

How to install Enterprise server on MacOS with SSL support?

Hi @jaguarj,

Please refer the link shared by @Ramachandra_37567. If you have any other query feel free to get bak to us.

Happy Learning :slight_smile:

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

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