Structure of the table

Plss in the first lab of chapter 3 almost in the middle of the database finally found one document withe the field called “awards”!! plss, i beg you PUT all the fields than will be found in the database, this is very annoying didnt know which field apply the filter, do that, im undestanding than. No one database on MongoDB will have documentation, you are refer than the people didnt need documentation for any software, and that is not true.

What is the problem? The information was right there in the lab description.


In the last lab, we calculated a normalized rating that required us to know what the minimum and maximum values for imdb.votes were. These values were found using the $group stage!

For all films that won at least 1 Oscar, calculate the standard deviation, highest, lowest, and average imdb.rating. Use the sample standard deviation expression.

HINT - All movies in the collection that won an Oscar begin with a string resembling one of the following in their awards field

I have embolden the ‘their awards field’, the hint.


I think you have not yet fully understood the difference between a NoSQL document-oriented database like MongoDB and a structured database like SQL. One of the major strengths of MongoDB is precisely that any document in the database may have fields that are different – in type, name or both – from all other documents.

So the idea that that “all the fields in the database” should be defined in one place is really not compatible with the overall use cases and structure of MongoDB.