Streaming Data from MongoDB to BigQuery using Estuary

Estuary Flow is a powerful, real-time data operation and integration platform. With its low-latency materialization and real-time scalable ETL capabilities, Estuary Flow provides a cost-effective solution for streaming data from MongoDB to BigQuery.

Steps to Stream Data from MongoDB to BigQuery:

  1. Sign in to Estuary and Create a Capture

  2. Connect to Your MongoDB Database: Provide the necessary credentials and configuration details to establish a connection between Estuary Flow and your MongoDB database.

  3. Save and Publish Your Capture

  4. Materialize Collections to BigQuery: Choose the BigQuery connector and specify the desired destination dataset within your BigQuery project.

  5. Connect to Your BigQuery Dataset: Authenticate with your Google Cloud project and authorize Estuary Flow to access your BigQuery dataset.

  6. Save and Publish Your Materialization

For detailed instructions, please refer to the Estuary documentation:

Disclaimer: I work for Estuary Flow. Let me know if you have any questions!