Strange time difference issue with field issue in reate_update_comments ticket

my update_comments ticket is failed for unmatched values. when searched on comments._id, I see the time difference between what it shows in the (Mongo Client/Cloud Atlas) vs ( local Compass/get_movie method).

When looked at the date difference, it is exactly 4 hrs difference. Is some time settings needs to set. I live in US EST.

Here are the screen shots.

yes, the comparison happens on comments._id ; but some reason get_movies one is not picking the latest comment . But test_get_movies went through well.

    comments = get_movie(movie_id).get('comments')
  assert comments[0].get('_id') == result.inserted_id

E AssertionError: assert ObjectId(‘5bd6a1c801faca1734540eae’) == ObjectId(‘5bd6a5b701faca08b42ab214’)

some thing is not adding up. Probably i am thinking incorrectly.