Stitch connect to mongodb Atlas,error host name?

Hi, I use stitch plateform to connect mongodb atlas but it error “No address associated with hostname”",then I want to know host name of Atlas.

Hi @thanachot_supawasut

Do you have a link for this? I’m not too familiar with this platform myself. Based off the error itself and the naming convention / format it seems like it’s interpreting an Atlas SRV record as the hostname instead of using the hostnames associated with such record but this is just a guess at this stage.

For example:

ping: cannot resolve Unknown host

Since is not the actual hostname, I cannot ping it in this case.

Using the nslookup on this srv record with associated prefix I can get the 3 hostnames associated with it:

nslookup -type=srv

Non-authoritative answer:	service = 0 0 27017	service = 0 0 27017	service = 0 0 27017

If you’re following any particular connection guide, please send that as well.