Stitch Apple Sign In

Just followed the instructions to create the client-secret required by Apple Sign In for Stitch. However I get the error saying “clientSecret length should be less than or equal to 300” when saving the stitch configurations. I don’t think there is any restrictions from Apple or from JWT side that it has to be less than 300. Could you lift this restriction because it doesn’t seem to be necessary.


I’m also running into the same issue.

Provider: oauth2-apple: clientSecret length should be less than or equal to 300

Could someone help with this step?

thanks in advance,

Hi @Ram_Sundaram and @Alex_Wu can you let us know what the current char count that you are hitting, is?

My client secret file showed a count of 308 when I used wc on the command line to check

cat ~/mongoDbRealm/appleSignIn/client_secret.txt | wc -c

@Ram_Sundaram - Weve extended the limit and the fix should be out by the end of this week.

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Update: This fix is in and the new limit is 500.

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