Starting Create/Update Comments

I seem to really be struggling with this ticket and I believe it may be due to a lack of conceptual understanding of what I’m to do (and how to do it!)
Are we supposed to create a document through lookup (join) and insert into comments? Kind of like the join from the previous ticket?

Hi @Robert_67632,

Not quite. No join required.

The task is in two parts; add_comment() and update_comment() functions.


Create a comment document that can be inserted into the comments collection using the fields defined above. I’ve created a mapping for you and highlighted the important sections. As for the user object, you need to look in the file to understand how to reference name and email.

This one is a straightforward update statement that needs to be constructed for the updateOne() method. The only thing to note is that the comment_id needs to be an object id.


Ok, thank you. It’s the referencing that has got me hung up, I will look at the reference test doc and try and get a solution during my lunch break today.

It worked fine for me, I am still receiving an error:

This means that it is trying to transform an object not a string right? When I look at lastupdated in compass, it’s a string.

I presume this ticket is now completed?
The question you’re now asking is for a different ticket. Suggest you create a new thread for this.

Sorry, you’re completely right. I’ll mark it as solved.