Start 2nd terminal/shell - Win 10

in video at the 1:45 point; the mongod is created and there is no screen echo…so a 2nd “terminal” is opened (the instructor’s term)- - - how is this done from Win 10 command line?

I am guessing my newbie to Win 10 command line interaction is the problem…

am okay right up to the point of having created the first mongod and having no screen echo…but what is the method to open the 2nd terminal / shell to continue as in the video…?

will reply to my own post: I guess just open a 2nd command prompt window and start from scratch to navigate to mongo --port 27000

in the video it looked like he had some short cut into the vagrant directory…not sure how to replicate that…

Hi @James_58604,

I guess it’s just easier to open a new terminal on Mac machine by just pressing Command+N. If you will pause the video at 1:51 then you can see the instructor did run the Vagrant ssh command to ssh into a running vagrant machine.

If you are interested in knowing the shortcuts for the Windows machine then this is what I found on Internet - Windows 10 Shortcut to open new CMD Window

Hope it helps!

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer