SSL/TLS Encryption Issue for MongoDB 5.0 Connections on Legion 5i Tower Gen 7 Gaming Desktop

Hey Everyone

I’m encountering a bit of a roadblock while trying to set up SSL/TLS encryption for MongoDB 5.0 connections on my Legion 5i Tower Gen 7 Gaming Desktop. I’m hoping some of you experienced folks might be able to lend a hand or offer some advice.

I’ve been following the official MongoDB documentation and various online guides to configure SSL/TLS encryption for my MongoDB 5.0 database connections. Everything seems to be set up correctly, including generating the necessary certificates and configuring MongoDB with the appropriate options. However, when I attempt to establish a secure connection, I keep getting errors.

Error Message: The error message I’m encountering is something like: “SSLHandshakeFailed: SSL handshake received but server certificate is invalid.”

System Information:

Legion 5i Tower Gen 7 Gaming Desktop
MongoDB 5.0
Windows 10 Pro

Any assistance or insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time and help!

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Determining the reason why the certificate is invalid is a good next step. If any other text regarding the error is available please share it.

It is most likely that the connecting client is not configured to use the Certificate Authority that was used to issue the certificate.

Other reasons could be:

  • Server Name mismatch. The server name you are using to connect is not in the certificates Subject or Server Alternative Names
  • Time is outside of the certificates Validity dates
  • Incompatible ciphers between client and server

How are you connecting to the server, using mongosh or driver?