SSL Implementation for MongoDB Replicaset

I’ve deployed MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator v1.9.2 and deployed Ops-Manager v4.4.7 and deployed Replicaset v4.0.0-ent.
I was trying to implement SSL feature for the MongoDb Database Replicaset.
A Replicaset with 3 replicas MDB name is mongo and it’s DNS are:

  1. mongo-0.mongo-svc.mongodb-dev.svc.cluster.local
  2. mongo-1.mongo-svc.mongodb-dev.svc.cluster.local
  3. mongo-2.mongo-svc.mongodb-dev.svc.cluster.local
    My question is Should I generate the certificates on these three DNS names or What?
    I’m following this
    While trying with the certificate generated with different DNS other than the Pod DNS I’m getting error like TLS attempt Failed: x509 certificate is valid for my.DNS.Name but not for mongo-0.mongo-svc.mongodb-dev.svc.cluster.local

can anyone help me out from this problem.