Srinivas Mutyala - MUG Leader - Introduction

Hello All,

This is Srinivas a Database Architect & MongoDB SME from Hyderabad, India.

It’s an honor for me to join this amazing community, as a MongoDB User Group Leader in Hyderabad, India.

I love learning new things related to Database Technology - especially MongoDB and as part of that process, I’ve completed my MongoDB DBA, Developer & SI Architect Certifications :slight_smile:

As I strongly believe in the power of networking - it’s a great platform for me to connect great talent around the MongoDB Community.

​You can learn more about me at - please do send a connection request if you’re okay with it.

My blog :

Thank you​,
Srinivas​ Mutyala


Hey @Srinivas_Mutyala,
Welcome to the MongoDB Community!

We really hope you have a great time leading the Hyderabad Community! :slight_smile:


Thank you Harshit !!

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Hi @Srinivas_Mutyala

Welcome to MongoDB community and congratulations being MUG leader.

Looking forward to Working together.