Speaker Grants Available for MongoDB-Related Talks

Are you working on an exciting project, built on MongoDB tech? We want to help you share your story!

The MongoDB Community team is thrilled to offer up to $1000USD grants towards travel expenses to help our community members access opportunities to speak about MongoDB-related topics this year.

Here’s a link to the terms & application form: https://forms.gle/Btg85dUZk1hFEaww9

Here are the grant requirements, for your convenience:

The MongoDB Community Speakers Program is designed to help build opportunity and visibility for MongoDB community members who are interested in speaking at non-MongoDB events about MongoDB technologies. If you are interested in applying for a grant via the MongoDB Community Speakers Program, please fill out and submit the form below.

Here are the important details:

Grant amount: Up to $1000 USD per person per event towards travel and lodging

Payment format: Reimbursement*

Event requirements:

  • Conference/event must be a tech industry conference of reasonable size (~500 attendees or more)
  • Conference theme must be related, in some way, to MongoDB technologies (i.e. databases, mobile development, devops, IT-ops, programming languages, data science, etc.)
  • The conference/event has a code of conduct
  • The conference/event doesn’t already provide reimbursement or compensation for travel and expenses
  • The conference/event is not hosted by MongoDB (MongoDB World, .local, etc.)

Speaker requirements:

  • You are not a MongoDB employee (permanent or temporary/contract)
  • You are an active, positive contributor to the MongoDB community
  • You are willing to mention that you were sponsored by the MongoDB Community and wear MongoDB Community SWAG on stage

Session requirements:

  • Your session will be recorded and shared online (either by you or the venue/event organizers)
  • Your session is at least 25 minutes in length
  • Your session covers a topic beneficial to the MongoDB community and its members (e.g. using MongoDB tech to solve problems or answer big questions, cool projects you’ve done using MongoDB tech, how to get started with MongoDB, etc.)

Applications will be reviewed by the MongoDB Community team and recipients of the grants will be notified via email (so please provide a valid email address below). If you accept the grant award, you will be required to provide additional information, such as your mailing address. All grant awards are subject to review and approval by the MongoDB Community team.

We strongly encourage people who identify as part of an underrepresented group in the tech industry to apply.

*For reimbursement, you’ll need to submit documentation of your travel expenses to MongoDB after the event. Payment can take up to 2 weeks to process. If selected for this award, you will receive instructions on how to submit documentation.

Here’s the link to the application again: https://forms.gle/Btg85dUZk1hFEaww9

Let me know if you have any questions!


I’m curious how one can acquire this SWAG?

We will provide it to grant recipients. :slight_smile:


Fun fact - and it was fun! At MDBW18 the brave of the MongoDB Masters, where asked to wear green capes. - Got a lot of smiles an tonnes of niche chats.
SWAG is not the priority, a good story, networking, enjoy that the work we do pays off in terms of positive feedback is one my goals (personal opinion). – The platform MDB offers is a great opportunity. Thanks!



That does sound fun, @Michael! We’re working on a new program to recognize and partner more closely with our community champions. We hope to share more information about this program in the lead up to MDBW2020.

You’re exactly right that the SWAG isn’t the point of the Speakers Grant program. We hope to enable and elevate more folks with the Speakers Grant program who might otherwise not get the chance to speak about the amazing work they’re doing with MongoDB tech. We also want to spread the word about opportunities that are available by participating in the MongoDB community (including these grants) so we ask grant recipients to acknowledge the program in their talk. The more our community grows, the more we all benefit. :+1:


My question wasn’t meant to raise SWAG into highlight of Speakers Grant program. :slight_smile: It was just thing that was unclear in requirement list (as it was requirement, not listed as appreciated thing to do). It also made me wonder is there for example SWAG shop somewhere, or way to acquire SWAG while being active otherwise. So expected to either get reply like there was “It will be provided” or “Oh, yes, you have these ways to get SWAG, but they are not brought up yet on these community forums. Let’s add that info in some relevant place!” :slight_smile:

I agree with what Jamie said, growing active community benefits us all. And only way to grow it is to make some noise about it, thus speakers acknowledging these kinds of programs is valuable.

That form could be improved by adding some information regarding how long it will take to review application (approximately). Meaning how much before event time one should approach you, so they know if they are eligble for grant or not prior the event. I could at least imagine that I’d make decisions based such information (I could stay on location for a night if accomodation is covered, or just drive there and back if not, for example).


I have one this capes! :grinning:


Thanks for the feedback @kerbe! The SWAG store is a topic that has come up and I’ll be looking into how best we can build something like that for the community to access.

First challenge was to get it fixed …



Perhaps the capes need to make a return appearance at MDBW20?