Source code for the ReactJs app?


At the beginning of the course it was stated that the MFlix uses ReactJs for front-end and Flask (python) for backend.

I found it is great that we can examine all the “Flask python” code in the app for those who are beginning to code with Python.

But the ReactJS app is encoded in mflix/build folder, so we can’t see the original source code if we want to take a look and learn also how to build the front-end ReactJs app.

I know this is out of the scope of the course but, would be possible to share the source code of the ReactJs app for those who want to dive into that? I don’t kwow if more people are interested but in my case I would really appreciate it!

Best regards.


Good idea, I would also like to see the React application code.

Hi all,

We have plans to release all the source code, including the front-end. At the moment we are doing a few changes into so that the validation codes would not be leaked.
Once we have made that change we will make the code available to you.



Great to hear that, looking forward @Norberto :+1:

Any news about the sources?