Sort by array field, Realm Flex sync offline

I have an Electron app with a Realm database using flexible sync.
I have this schema:

const EntrySchema = {
  name: "Entry",
  properties: {
    _id: { type: "objectId", indexed: true },
    cells: "Entry_cells[]",
  primaryKey: "_id",

const Entry_cellsSchema = {
  name: "Entry_cells",
  embedded: true,
  properties: {
    _schema: { type: "int", optional: true, default: 0 },
    body: { type: "string", optional: true, default: "" },
    columnId: { type: "string", optional: true, default: "" },

I would like to be able to sort entries by cells.body. I know this is possible with an aggregation.
But I’m offline so I can’t use aggregate.

I would like to do something like the following but I’m afraid it is not supported:

.filtered("cells.columnId == $0", columnId)
.sorted([["cells.body", true]["_id", true]]);

Does anyone know if it can be achieved? Thanks.