Some screens on the mongodb jumpstart series are different from the website. this is very odd

While the navigation bar on the mongodb jumpstart start series uses realm the web uses app services. I want to add a collection to my app but I can’t see the option. How do I add a collection to my app?

I believe that “Realm” is transitioning to “Atlas App Services” but the rest should be exactly the same. If you already have a cluster setup then you can access your databases and collections via the “Data Services” tab along the top, choose your cluster and click on “Browse Collections” and hover over your database name to add a collection.

Hi @leo_adigwe

Name changes are inevitable over time, but most of the other things that make it whole stays the same.

Realm is now a name bigger than App Services, or smaller depending on where you look. Realm is the name for the small-scale mongodb server that is NoSQL equivalent of Sqlite where you can even run on mobile. App services are the hub where you can make data sync and more for your Realms, or things without Realms.

On the menu panel to the left, you will see that when he clicks on the “get started” button and adds a collection, the “rule” is highlighted. And just before that, you see “cluster0 linked” in the box to the left before clicking. you can say you are basically linking a database to an app project and then defining rules, auth etc on it. You do not actually manage data but are still able to add a database/collection here without switching back and forth.

So to continue, click on the “Data access → Rules” on the left, click on the ellipses (three dots, ...) of the “mongodb-atlas” in the middle section under collections, select “create collection” and create collection (in new database if you want), or directly select a collection in the list and create new rule on the right panel. To actually work on the data itself, switch to “Data Services” as @Ian noted above.

If you see more differences, try checking the menu on the left for the names you see in the tutorials.