Some issues from README

  • Importing data
    in the README I’d to run
    mongorestore --drop --gzip --uri mongodb+srv://m220student:m220password@<YOUR_CLUSTER_URI> data

but I receive:

|2019-03-13T12:09:14.395+0100|the --db and --collection args should only be used when restoring from a BSON file. Other uses are deprecated and will not exist in the future; use --nsInclude instead|
|2019-03-13T12:09:14.395+0100|building a list of collections to restore from data dir|
|2019-03-13T12:09:14.396+0100|don't know what to do with subdirectory "data/mflix", skipping...|

To solve the problem I’d to pass data/mflix instead of data to mongorestore.

  • Running the application
    i I’ve to edit to add the correct URI of the Mongo server, it’s ok but the spring.mongodb.database is set to mflix but after restore data I’ve a database named rop. So to run correctly the application I’d to change the DB name.

I solved. The problem was that I’ve use mongorestore with -drop instead --drop.