Some fields are Required when I Created but all are required after create


I am using the NODEJS SDK for connect with Realm. I Created this object:

let provinciaSchema = {
    name: 'Provincias',
    "required": [ "nombreProvincia","_id" ],
    properties: {
        _id: 'objectId',
        nombreProvincia: 'bool',
        id: 'int'
    primaryKey: '_id',

It has only two required fields, but in the realm mongodb interface, in the schema, i can see this:

  "title": "Provincias",
  "bsonType": "object",
  "required": [
  "properties": {
    "_id": {
      "bsonType": "objectId"
    "myPartition": {
      "bsonType": "string"
    "nombreProvincia": {
      "bsonType": "bool"
    "id": {
      "bsonType": "long"

Why the schema create three fields like as required if I’ll configurate two?


This is probably an issue on our end - would you mind filing an issue here -

@FRANCISCO_LUIS_FERNA Actually, in looking closer at this, your schema on the client does not appear to be following our guidance, for instance, there is no required array and you are not using ? to specify an optional field. You can follow our schema definition docs here -