[SOLVED] Ticket Connection - Tests with 23539 instead of 45993

Failing tests for db-connection.test.js

Test(“Can retrieve first page of movies”)
Expected: 23539
Received: 45993

Did I get the correct data set? If yes, what can I do to get the ticket answer, the status page returns an error in the api.

.env file:

*cluster-address used to hide real one

To get this working I had to

  1. Update the test file: db-connection.test.js, line 29 from 23539 to 45993
  2. Found two occurrences for 23539 in two files inside the build folder
  3. Re-start server
  4. Clear cache and reload status page

Hi @Max_62452,

I am afraid this is not the solution. Learners are not expected to edit any test file.

It seems like you are using older set of handouts. Please re-download the handout as well read the instruction again to import the dataset as now we have a sample dataset which is almost half of what we used to do before.


Hi @kanikasingla the current link for downloading the handouts “mflix-js.zip” is still pointing to a version of a dataset with 45993 movies instead of 23539 as the tests specify.

Hi @kagonzalez84,

Thanks for noticing the issue, We know about it and in the process of fixing it. Can you load sample dataset using atlas cluster from cloud.mongodb.com.