Solved: mostActiveCommenters()

Hey guys! I think I should pass one of the two tests on this since the result i get using compass are what the tasks ask, but it does not really seem to work!

I used the $group (aggregation) but for some reason the test does not accept the result although its right(i believe)
Inside the comments’ collection i summed all the documents based on their email field and sorted them on the result of the sum of a given email!

Any ideas?


It does not also accept the fact that the number of docs that are being returned are 20 since i get an error that the number of the resulted doc should be 20, whereas in compass i get 20 results!


Now passing one test:
Silly misake i should name the field count and not sumOfComments as i did above :stuck_out_tongue:

Implementing now the readConcern method!


Problem solved!
Tests past!