[SOLVED] Ch.2 Lab 2: lowest normalized rating = 1

After normalizing and sorting I have the lowest normalized rating = 1 for many items so I cannot find the needed item. What’s wrong? The procedure: $match $project $addFields $sort

@ psitronic

This post is marked [SOLVED]. Did you solve the issue yourself or not? If not, remove the [SOLVED| label and I’ll try to help. Good luck.

Yes, I solved it myself. The problem was that I split one stage ($addFields) into two ($project and $addFields).

@ psitronic

Great! Glad you solved it.

Hi…i have done in the similar manner and got stuck with lowest normalized rating = 1 for many items and those titles are not matching with options.Please help me out from this ?


Did you try the indicated solution that @psitronic notes? If so and you have a new problem, please re-post. Notice that this thread is clearly marked “SOLVED” so you can’t really expect much help for a solved problem. Re-post as a new thread and we’ll try to help.