Small home business

Would Mongodb be too heavy for a small business to run for something like Etsy stores or a drop shipping business?

  • In general, MongoDB can be more resource-intensive, need three node cluster minimum
  • if your small business has a significant amount of data and requires a flexible, scalable distributed database solution, MongoDB can be a good option.
  • It uses a document-oriented data model that allows for flexible and dynamic data structures.
  • it also depends on how you wanted to run your business, in-house, on-cloud, budget etc.

You may run with a single instance if data replication and constant availability is not a hard requirement. Backups may be sufficient in some cases. For some low traffic the Atlas free tier can be a viable solution to start with because you can easily migrate to more powerful tier without hardware investment.

Absolutely and that is why I use it.

Have there been any big problems you’ve experienced?