Slow queries on mongos not showing up on mongod

Hi ,

We are facing a weird issue ,wherein, we see slow queries ( queries taking more than 100 ms ) on mongos logs(ops msg ). However, the same query is not showing up in mongod. why would that be so ? How does slow query is defined for being logged inside of Mongos. Ours is a sharded cluster with 2 mongos routers and 3 shard replica set.

Error entry in the mongos log :

2022-07-05T09:58:32.747+0100 I COMMAND [conn295564] command targetdb.ods_target_payee_details command: find { find: “ods_target_payee_details”, filter: { source_system_instance_id: “NWB”, agreement_host_number: “placeholder to hide the actual data”, agreement_branch_number: “placeholder to hide the actual data” }, limit: 1, singleBatch: true, $db: “targetdb”, $clusterTime: { clusterTime: Timestamp(1657011512, 407), signature: { hash: BinData(0, AE760F92B0BBC377DC9F2147979571D0B8777A9D), keyId: 7087452691378471136 } }, lsid: { id: UUID(“f92878cd-bcf1-47c9-b86e-4e357554bcf4”) } } nShards:1 cursorExhausted:1 numYields:0 nreturned:1 reslen:1026 protocol:op_msg 162ms

Also, what does cursorExhausted:1 imply?