Slow GraphQL response time

Hi, like many users on here we are having trouble with very slow graphQL response times on very simple collections.

The weird thing is that the same app deployed to another Atlas project runs perfectly fine.

The collection has 1.6k documents and we don’t think there is anything fancy about it.

We have a cluster in a paid tier and others for development on the free tier but this doesn’t seem to make a difference.

type Report {

  _id: ObjectId

  authors: [String]!

  cloudinary_id: String!

  date_downloaded: String!

  date_modified: String!

  date_published: String!

  date_submitted: String!

  description: String

  editor_notes: String

  epoch_date_downloaded: Int!

  epoch_date_modified: Int!

  epoch_date_published: Int!

  epoch_date_submitted: Int!

  epoch_incident_date: Int

  flag: Boolean

  image_url: String!

  incident_date: String

  language: String

  plain_text: String

  ref_number: Int!

  report_number: Int!

  source_domain: String!

  submitters: [String]!

  tags: [String]

  text: String!

  title: String!

  url: String!


This query takes +45 seconds and sometimes it returns execution limit reached

  reports(limit: 999) {

We are worried that this may happen to our production env

(This query time outs even when executed on the Explore tab of the Graphl menu item)