Slow first sync for MongoDB Realm

I have been using MongoDB Realm now since June 2020. One thing that I have noticed is that after one creates a new cluster, initializes a new Realm application, the very first time the Realm application writes to the database, the actual time for the data to show up in Atlas can take several minutes. We joke around here that it’s like warming up a lawn mower. Every subsequent write after that is pretty instantaneous. I was just wondering what is going on underneath the hood.

Richard Krueger

@Richard_Krueger We actually have just merged our Realm history compaction feature which will improve the situation you are describing. We are slowing rolling it out - I can turn it on for your cluster if you send me your Realm app URL but keep in mind it is beta and might have unexpected behavior

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Ian, thanks for the quick reply. As I said, the problem goes away after the first write, which can take several minutes. When I create a new cluster I will send you the Realm app URL to enable the new feature. But good to know that this issue is being addressed.