Skip not going through on find

Trying to toss in skip but the logs show in Realm that the skip piece was not sent? Bit confused as practically every MongoDB doc shows skip as something you should be able to use and yet no matter what I try I can’t seem to get skip to go through. I’ve made sure too that the skip is a number and not like a string.

Quick example just to highlight with a sort and limit.

.find({}, { sort: { date: -1 }, limit: 48, skip: 24 })

  "name": "find",
  "arguments": [
      "database": "aDatabase",
      "collection": "aCollection",
      "query": {},
      "sort": {
        "date": -1
      "limit": 48
  "service": "mongodb-atlas"

Where did my friend skip go?

Thank you for any help!

I gonna skip out of my comfort zone since I don’t use Realm.

Other drivers use a different syntax for sort/skip/limit. They chain functions rather than optional parameters. So I would try to use


Well still trying to find an answer or solution here. Doing the method suggested above results in the same output. It’s like skip is ignored entirely.

you must be doing something wrong. I user skip and limit many times and it never failed. you wrote

but indeed you will if you never change the skip value. you will always skip the same documents. you must increase the skip value to go to the next group of documents.

Nope was doing everything right and hours later found the real reason. Guess in over 2 years now support for skip has been in development? Absolutely crazy.

For anyone who comes across this on a Google Search here you go: