Simultaneous requests to the same Realm webhook


I have a data stream setup in AWS Firehose, which is connected to my Realm app’s webhook (in 3rd Party Services). It is working great so far.

Now I have setup a second Firehose stream. The data from that one can be processed through the same webhook I mentioned above. However, I’m wondering if there’s any risk for clashes in case Firehose I and Firehose II request the same webhook simultaneously. How would that be handled? Do the requests queue up and then run synchronically in that case?

I couldn’t find anything on the subject, so I’ll test asking here. I can of course just set up another webhook that runs in parallell, it just felt so potentially redundant, seeing how the code would look identical on the two wehooks.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Patrick_Mamba, I’ve not seen anything to suggest that there would be a problem with multiple sources accessing the same webhook. In fact, that’s what you’d expect to happen. e.g. if you were calling the webhook from a web app then you could expect thousands of browsers to be calling the same webhook.

Of course, there’s no conflict detection/resolution between different calls to the webhook and so you have to accept “last write wins”.