Sign In With Apple Setup on Realm for iOS


I am trying to implement Sign in with Apple for my IOS app. I am using the sign in to authenticate the user into realm. The thing I do not understand is that I am following these steps from the mongodb docs. In Step 2 on creating a services ID for the app in dev portal of apple. We must activate the Sign in with Apple service within the service identifier. In order to do this we have to provide domains and return URLs? I am confused by this - isn’t this only for web apps? Do I have to setup a whole website that provides a return url and everything.

Not trying to give attitude or anything. I genuinely don’t understand what I am supposed to do here. If there are any other tutorials that people have for this or advice please let me know. I do not have a website or anything to provide a return url thus cannot activate the apple sign in on the Atlas realm side.

+1, genuinely confused about which domains/subdomains/return URLs to set?

+1, The documentation is not clear at all.