Should we pass Realm objects between screens or should we be converting to a js object and passing that instead?

Hi all,

Just wanted to know what the best practices were with pasing Realm objects between screens? At the moment I’m passing the Realm object itself, but I get warnings about state preservation because the realm object class has methods. The warning I get is;

`WARN  Non-serializable values were found in the navigation state. Check:

This can break usage such as persisting and restoring state. This might happen if you passed non-serializable values such as function, class instances etc. in params. If you need to use components with callbacks in your options, you can use 'navigation.setOptions' instead.

This is not really an issue for me, but I wanted to know if there were any best practices with Realm objects in typescript.

Should I be calling the toJSON method and passing the result instead?