Should my Visa card be load with money before I can redeem the credit

Should I have money on my Visa card before I would be able redeem the credit on to my Visa card please.

Hi @Asamaning_Redolf!

Welcome to the forum! Yes, you’ll need to have a min of $1: “To confirm your credit card information, Atlas charges $1.00 when you first connect a credit card to your account. After Atlas confirms your information, it refunds the $1.00 charge.”

For more information, please see

Looking forward to your MongoDB project!

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Yeah my project is at the design phase.

So please if I link the Visa card is the atlas credits for the student pack loaded onto the card automatically or I need to do some extra stuffs to get it loaded on it.

Hi @Asamaning_Redolf

The credits are not automatically added to your organization. Once you’ve received your Atlas Promotional Code, you can apply the credits to your selected Atlas organization. You can go to billing overview and click on ‘apply credit’. To view instructions on How to Apply a Promo Code, visit this link.

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Yes I have applied the promotional code already to my organization. What I want to know is if I add credit card to my account would the $200 be added to my card automatically which I can redraw.

Can I redraw $200 with my credit card :credit_card: when I add it to the organization

Hi @Asamaning_Redolf,

If you added the credits to your organization, you can set up a new cluster and your coupon of $200 will be used for this. If you’re out of credits, your creditcard will be charged.

My problem is can l redraw the $200 in physical cash.

Hi @Asamaning_Redolf,

Atlas promotional credits can only be applied to an Atlas organisation, and cannot be converted to physical cash. The Student Developer Pack includes Atlas credits to provide you the opportunity to run some paid clusters for development and learning purposes. If you have a paid Atlas cluster, any unexpired credits will be used to reduce your bill. Usage beyond the promotional credit will be billable via your chosen payment method.

If you want to minimise your running costs for a dedicated cluster (M10+) that is only periodically used, you can pause the cluster for up to 30 days. Atlas only charges paused clusters for storage.


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