Should changes on EmbeddedObjects bubble up as observable changes to parent objects?

EmbeddedObjects seem like a good fit for my current use case as I have a schema something like:

Parent: Object
– [Child: EmbeddedObject]
---- [SubChild: EmbeddedObject]

If I .observe the parent object for changes using a NotificationToken I don’t ever pick up anything that happens when children or sub-children are modified. Any changes that occur directly to properties on the top-level parent object do result in a notification for changes however. Is this expected?


I should add that I’ve also tried to .observe the List that exists on the parent object and that indeed works. I suppose that this is probably a compromise that keeps Realm’s performance from degrading with deeply nested objects.

Having an option to ignore this, ignore it to a certain nested level, or to have nested embedded objects of given types trigger notifications would be useful.