Short but sweet!

I’ve not timed every single course that I’ve taken but it appears that each lecture/video is less than 10 minutes long. I find this approach to be perfect because I do tire when I’m faced with very lengthy videos.

Perhaps this was a strategy chosen by the Curriculum Engineers?

What do other students think?

Keep up the good work guys and gals! :beers:

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Hey @007_jb

I think this is pretty standard now no? I have heard of numerous studies about how attention spans are shortening. Some how we have more technology then our ancestors but we have less time for things then they did.

I do agree with you, the video format are length is good.

However, I would be interested in videos going over changing from these testing/dev environments in the courses to an actual production environment. For instance in M103 we are instructed to use a keyfile for authentication between nodes. However, in the doc it says you should not do this in production, and instead use x509 certs. Which I do not find that simplistic. lol Especially when I am trying to put the replica set in a Docker swarm to containerize them.

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