Shell version and server version not same


Hi Team,

please help me in resolving the below error. Screenshot is attached.
getting error Shell version and server version is not same.

It seems like your MoingoDB version is 4.2.10 and Mongo Shell version is 4.4.1,

You can download latest MongoDB version from this link

That’s not an error, but a warning.

The error about getLog is because you don’t have permissions for many commands in admin when using Atlas.

  • The problem is that the file does not exist in your current working directory. “filename doesn’t exist”.

  • You can run a ls in the same directory you’re launching mongo to find out, and add this information to the post.

  • load("./path/to/file.js") should do

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Thanks @Santiago_Miranda, for completing reply, my bad I was just replied for his comment.

Hi @turivishal,

It looks like you have misspelled the file name to this - loadMovieDetailsSataset

It should be loadMovieDetailsDataset.

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Hope it helps!

~ Shubham