Shell version and import issue from cluster

Hi All,
I have tried in vain to import the dataset as in the tutorial, and figure out why it is not working in both cases.

I able to connect to the Cluster in the last code and just can also confirm that I can connect using compass.

Any help would be highly appreciated,


The error message says The system cannot find the file specified.

The solution is to specify a file that exists.

Note that since you URI specifies sample_supplies as the default database, that’s where you will find the collection once it is imported. So the command you want to use would be show collections rather than show dbs.

The version issue is simply a warning and should not be causing any problem.

Hi Steve and thanks for your reply.
I still don’t get why I am having that “system cannot find the file specified” error since the “sales.json” is well in “sample_supplies” database.
NB: this file is actually is the sample database in my cluster.

I did as in the tutorial but ended up with this error. As you can notice I used both approaches with and without the “–collection sales” argument. the no chance so far.

Any help to import would be appreciated?


Post a screenshot of the dir command.

Here you are

I have not asked to do any cd. We need the dir from C:\Users\totti.

I do not see any file named sales.json.