Shared folder path does not exist on the host

spin up vagrant with ssh errors with:

Shared folder path ‘…\M312\m312-vagrant-env’ does not exist on the host.

so when i issue command: mongod -f /shared/primary.conf

error: Error reading config file: No such file or directory

also: Oracle virtual machine is prompting for ‘login:’ despite using vagrant ssh

any help to get this course started (at least) get me setup correctly

May be it is not getting synched
Try vagrant reload

What does this show

ls -lrt /shared/primary.conf
cd /
ls -lad
If setup is correct and no issue with permissions it should not ask for password when you do vagrant ssh

thanks for your reply.

for anyone else with synch and path issues:

I solved it by pointing my VM to the correct shared path location in the “Default Machine Folder”. did a vagrant up and vagrant ssh and all worked. see attached image

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