Shared folder doesn't exist in VM


Resolved: Problem was I wasn’t including the / when trying to cd into shared folder. cd /shared/.
Also, it turns out shared folder just doesn’t appear when ls-ing from root.

I am working on the section where we have to launch mongod using a config file. I have saved my file inside the shared folder and then ssh’d into the VM. When I ls, there is no shared folder in the root directory or even in my data directory, was there something I missed during the initial setup of vagrant?

EDIT: I did try halting vagrant and restarting it, but to no avail.

I too am experiencing the same problem.

Will I need to create the YAML file directly on the Unix box using VI editor ?

Ideally I was hoping that I should be able to move my files from within my Host (Windows) to Vagrant (Unix), as was explained in the Introduction section of this course.

Turns out the folder doesn’t appear when you use the ls command, but exists regardless.
Try “cd /shared/” when you are in your root directory and you switch to the correct directory. Please let me know if it works for you as well. You can ls afterwards to see your files in the shared folder.

thx that worked Sherman :slight_smile: